Social Media Strategy for Financial Advisers

Unique Strategy

We all know we have to be on Social Networks.  There are many “Gurus” and businesses that tell us we have to be.  However, what no one helps you with is to create a framework for a strategy and then to create the actual strategy itself.  No one guides and supports you with the implementation and management of the strategy.

We created a unique framework specifically for Financial Advisers in South Africa that we use to create a long term social media strategy with you.

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Guidance and External Management

Once we consulted and created the entire social media strategy with you, we will meet with you once a month to review the past month.  We provide guidance and input on what you should maybe change for the next month.  We do not just leave you to battle on your own.

You also have a choice.  Implement, manage and monitor the strategy yourself or you can ask us to do it.  You may also decide to do certain aspects yourself and only let us deal with certain aspects.  We will customize the service according to your needs and budget.

Training on Social Media

Training is included in the strategy session.  We will train you on the relevant platforms, structuring content, best times to share content and much more.

I need help with my Social Media Startegy

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