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Training Financial Planning Systems

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Training well-known systems

We work closely with most of the major Financial Planning Systems providers in South Africa.  We are able to provide an effective and practical learning experience when training financial planning systems through our relationships as well as the in-depth knowledge we have from testing these systems.


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Financial Planning Tools Only

We focus exclusively on the Financial Planning Tools offered by the systems as part of their offering.  We do not train other areas of the system such as the CRM, document libraries, etc.  The Software Providers already offer excellent training on these components.  The Financial Planning Tools, however, are much more complicated and needs to be integrated with Financial Planning knowledge.


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Integrated Learning – A Unique Approach

We offer a unique approach to training you on the Financial Planning Tools that form part of your software.  We combine Financial Planning knowledge, the system and how to practically use the outputs with your client.

This is not a “click here” or “enter this here” or “this goes here” training program.  We ensure you are able to capture information properly in the tools, but then we show you how to use this with your clients.

Our approach will increase the value and quality of advice you offer your clients.  When value increases, you may charge more.  Charging more translates into growth and sustainability.

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Other Services

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