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We are proud to introduce our latest solution called “HELLO ADVISOR”.

Hello Advisor offers you access to our expertise via:


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What do you gain from signing up for Hello Advisor?

  • Ask Questions:  Ask us technical questions on anything related to financial planning and your practice for example tax questions etc.
  • Bounce off ideas:  bounce off your ideas and recommendations to clients. We are product provider agnostic, and are not influenced by products
  • Check FNA: Send us your FNA and planning to be double-checked and have more pairs of eyes to look at it
  • Check Calculations: Did you do calculations or build a spreadsheet with calculations? We will check it for you and ensure you are spot on!

The Value

With us, you know that you receive unbiased, independent, quality guidance and advice… leaving you confident to wow your clients, raise your status with them and capitalise on more opportunities.

Who is Francois du Toit?

I am a CFP® Professional and a financial planning and tax consultant, with more than 20 years’ experience. My team and I offer various solutions to help Financial Services Providers unlock growth, including career counselling and bespoke tech products. I am also the host of the PROpulsion podcast, which seeks to inspire professionals in the industry.

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Watch my story

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Read my story

So ever since I was little, I’ve had this conviction that I am destined for great things. I was born to take on the world and to make a difference.

My big dream is to leave a lasting positive impact on every advisor, practice and business I have the privilege to work with and through my efforts play a small role to elevate our industry to the profession it really is, and it deserves to be.

But I also realised that alone, I can only do so much, and there is much to be done.

So I started to assemble a team, much like the Avengers… so we can achieve more together.

Honing My Skills

I started honing my skills in 1998 and in 2002 I had my first encounter with what I believe is what financial advice is or should be about.

Since then my focus has always been on Financial Planning first and I quickly became the preferred resource and go-to professional for many financial advisors.


So, for those who know me well, you know that I always help, that I am always available, that I always find out and that you can always trust the information and advice you receive from me. And because of this it enables you to do solid business on the back of great advice and planning.

And I am very proud of this.

However, the time has come for me to rethink and redesign this offering.  And that is how Hello Advisor was born.

What do others say about what we do?

“Working with Francois over this last year has been an absolute pleasure. He epitomizes professionalism and is a real asset in our business in developing not just our new advisers but our seasoned veterans and qualified advisers alike. I myself as a CFP find great value in our interaction as he is always there to help. His attention to detail and knowledge on the minutest aspects are incredible and this can be seen during his presentations. I look forward in working with Francois going forward as I feel he has become invaluable in our future plans for the development of our business”
Andre Mocke
André Mocke, CFP®
Professionalism and Learning Development Manager, EQ.Fin
“Of all the things that make Francois Du Toit a highly competent business partner, I believe the depth of his financial planning knowledge sets him apart. Francois has the answer to a question that is critical to the success of any Financial Services Provider and that is: how do we get financial planners, financial planning knowledge and financial planning technology to work in perfect harmony. With complete confidence, I recommend Francois Du Toit.”
head shot of quinton douman
Quinton Douman
Quinton Douman and Associates
“I was highly impressed with your level of knowledge and ability to teach and share. You are one of few. Thanks again and thumbs up to you.”
Paul Mante - Ecobank
Paul Mante
Head: Business Development, EDC Investments Limited, Ghana

The Fee

There are 2 options.  If you need clarity on what you are going to pay, there is a fixed monthly fee.  If you do not like committing to a monthly debit order, then you can choose to pay a set fee every time you use the service.

Whichever option you choose, you still need to sign up for HELLO ADVISOR.

Monthly Retainer

One monthly fee

R350/month ex VAT
  • month-to-month, 30 days notice to cancel
  • Simple Queries only
  • Debit Order Only
  • Ignite Members pay a further 33.3% less!


Pay for the service when you use it

from R300ex VAT
  • charged according to fee shedule
  • No monthly commitment
  • EFT Only
  • Payable immediately on invoice
  • The fees are exclusive of VAT.  We are not currently VAT registered.  Should we become VAT registered in the future, then VAT will be charge in addition.
  • The fee is tax deductible for FSPs, sole proprietors and commission earners.
  • “Month-to-month” only, you can cancel anytime by giving 30 days’ notice.
  • Monthly Retainer only covers simple queries, involved queries and special requests will be charged as per pricing below.
  • FSPs or Financial Advisors in their personal capacity may pay for, or sponsor, on behalf of someone else.

Pay-per-use Pricing

Simple Queries

We DO NOT provide formal written feedback for simple queries

Involved Queries

We will provide formal written feedback for Involved Queries.

Special Requests

We will provide a fee upfront for any requests or work that falls outside the scope of the abovementioned options.

Note: HELLO ADVISOR is a consulting service. We do not perform calculations, analysis, research, scenario planning, or write reports without you having done the planning first.

How do you subscribe to HELLO ADVISOR?

  1. Click the “Sign Up Now” button above.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Accept the debit order instruction.
  5. Submit your application.
  6. Done!

You can only make use of these services if you signed up for Hello Advisor, therefore we encourage you to sign up immediately and to take full advantage of this service and our expertise.

We cannot wait to welcome you

Francois du Toit

Tel. 083 275 8368