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Is your client
a Founder or a Trustee of a Trust?

Have you had the trust structure independently reviewed in the last 5 years?

We often uncover a variety of issues, risks and concerns when doing these reviews

Various Aspects Outdated

Trust Deed Clauses, Accounting Records, Resolutions, Trustees and Independent Trustee, Bank Account, etc.

Conflict with Legislation

Trust and other legislation evolves all the time, resulting in trust deeds and trust structures falling into conflict with the law

Substance over Form Requirement

Does it look like a trust, is it run like a trust, is it really a trust?  Will it stand up to the test?  Do you really have the protection you think you do?

Is the paper trail in place?

When it comes to trusts, proper up-to-date records are vital



Tax Returns


Is the Trust optimally structured?

A Trust rarely functions independently but is part of the bigger picture


Estate & Will

Financial Plan


Independent Trust Compliance Review

We offer an independent, unbiased compliance review of your entire Trust structure

Specialist Team

We have a team of specialists with years of experience

Full Review

We seek to understand your goals and we look at the big picture, holistically

We Can Help

You can implement any proposed changes or we can implement the changes, your choice

Other Services

We offer Trust Accounting, Tax and Independent Trustee Services

What do you gain from using this service?

An independent review of a Trust ensures:

  • Peace of Mind. Feel the freedom of knowing your Trust will stand up to scrutiny.
  • Certainty. Know that the Trust is fulfilling its purpose and that your plans are on track.
  • Clarity. Know and understand how everything works together.
  • Security. Protect your wealth, your family and your future.

Meet The Team

Francois du Toit, CFP®

Picture of Francois du Toit

I am a CFP® Professional and a financial planning and tax consultant, with more than 20 years’ experience. My team and I offer various solutions to help Financial Services Providers unlock growth, including career counselling and bespoke tech products. I am also the host of the PROpulsion podcast, which seeks to inspire professionals in the industry.  I hold a B Com Degree in Risk Management and the Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

Renate Jute, CFP®

renate jute

Renate entered the specialised fields of Trust administration and accounting in 2001. In 2009 Renate co-founded a Trust accounting firm, and by 2018 had 2000 trusts under administration. Renate’s qualifications and accreditations include Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, Registered Tax Practitioner, Certificate in Administration of Deceased and Insolvent Estates, Certificate in Taxation, and Internationally Accredited Life & Business Coach.

Heather Pretorius BA, LL.B, H.Dip Tax

heather pretorius

Heather holds the qualifications of BA, LL.B and H.Dip Tax.  Heather was admitted as an attorney of the High Court in October 1996 and still practices as such.  Over the past 12 years Heather has specialised in Tax Law, Trust Law and Trust Administration.  Heather is a registered Tax Practitioner and has presented seminars and lectures on Trusts and Tax Law.

Xenia Luff

Xenia is a Financial Planning Analyst with varied experience in the Financial Services industry since 2005.  With experience as support staff to an advisor, as a Tied and Independent Financial Advisor, a Broker Consultant and a Financial Planning Analyst she is able to assist Financial Professionals. She assists by providing specialist support to them and their businesses, freeing up their time to do what they do best.  Xenia holds the Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

Ida Sonnekus, Professional Accountant (SA)

ida sonnekus

Ida is a Professional Accountant (SA) and has 13 years’ experience in the financial industry. She holds a B Com Hons in Management Accounting and is a registered Independent Reviewer with SAIPA. Her career has enabled her to gain experience in a vast array of industries, including the public sector, medical, ecommerce and financial services sector. Her focus is on the client first, with all advise given aimed at limiting the risks to which clients unknowingly expose themselves.

The investment

We charge a flat fee per Trust that we review

Trust Review

Trust Deed, Financials, Tax, Agreements

  • Exclude structures like companies
  • SQ to include companies


Changes to Trust Deed, Trustee appointments, Beneficiaries

  • Excludes replacement of Trust Deed
  • Per instruction

New Trust

Setup of a new Trust or replacement of Trust Deed

  • Full service including advice
  • Create new Trust
  • Replace Trust Deed
  • The fees are exclusive of VAT.

Your next step?

Get in contact with us for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

We cannot wait to be of service to you and to become your trusted partner.

Francois du Toit

Tel. 083 275 8368